TamKart VISA Platinum

TamKart VISA Platinum

Multifunctional Installment card.

5 years service cost


Charges and Fees


Works both in debit and credit mode.

Up to 24 months installment plan. Opportunity to get a cash loan.

QayğıCash club membership. 2% cashback on all purchases.1

Discounts, various privileges and other offers provided by Chatbot Concierge service.

2 free COVID-19 tests in a year in the “Sağlam Ailə” and “Ultralab”.2

2 free Lounge Key passes per year. Sign up.3

2 free Fast Line passes per year.

3% is calculated annually on the card balance and transferred to the card account at the end of the month. 4

Insurance and other services offered by VISA.

1 Cashback is not charged for installment purchases and utilities, mobile network bills, tax/custom, governmental, insurance and loan payments, payments of financial institutions, KartTransfer, Unique cash and Quasi cash transactions.

2 The offer is valid only for Visa Chatbot Concierge users until October 31, 2021.

3 Lounge Key is an international program that provides easy and quick access to more than 850 lounges at airports around the world.

4 Interest on the card balance is calculated if the maximum amount is up to AZN 20.000. There is no minimum balance requirement.

Charges and Fees

Credit limit AZN 300 - 15 000
Interest rate 20%
Cost AZN 50
Terms Up to 5 years
SMS-Notification Free
Cash withdrawal limit 80%
IBA ATMs cash withdrawal charge For credit - 1.5% (min.  AZN 2); For debit - Up to AZN 15 000 free, from AZN 15 000 1% (min. AZN 1) per month
Grace period Up to 60 days with a minimum of 30 days
Credit limit validity term 36 months
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