TamKart VISA Platinum Debet

TamKart VISA Platinum Debet

5 years service cost


Charges and Fees


Works both in debit and credit mode.1

QayğıCash club membership. 1.5% cashback on all purchases.2

Discounts, various privileges and other offers provided by Chatbot Concierge.

2 free COVID-19 tests in a year in the “Sağlam Ailə” and “Ultralab”.3

3% is calculated annually on the card balance and transferred to the card account at the end of the month.4

2 free Lounge Key passes. Sign up. 5

2 free Fast Line passes.

Insurance and other services offered by VISA.

1 If a customer applies for a credit limit in the future, the credit limit will be opened on the same card.

2 Cashback is not charged for utilities, mobile network bills, tax/custom, governmental, insurance and loan payments, payments of financial institutions, KartTransfer, Unique cash and Quasi cash transactions.

3 The offer is valid only for Visa Chatbot Concierge users until October 31, 2021.

4 Interest on the card balance is calculated if the maximum balance is up to AZN 20 000. There is no minimum balance requirement.

5 Lounge Key is an international program that provides easy and quick access to more than 850 lounges at airports around the world.

Charges and Fees

Cost AZN 100
Terms Up to 5 years
SMS-Notification Free
IBA ATMs cash withdrawal charge Up to AZN 15 000 free, from AZN 15 000 1% (min. AZN 1) per month
IBA Mobile