"Tracking" function in InternetBank service

"Tracking" function in InternetBank service

The International Bank of Azerbaijan is one of the first in our country to introduce a new service SWIFT GPI of the SWIFT community (System of World Interbank Financial Telecommunication) for its customers. Now it is possible to track international transfers through the InternetBank without visiting the Bank. The International Bank of Azerbaijan is the first and only one to integrate this service into Internet Bank.

As it is known, sometimes several banks are involved in the process of international transfers in foreign currency. Customers often want to know the status of their transfers and o make it easier, SWIFT has introduced the GPI system as one of the new development standards in global payments. The International Bank of Azerbaijan has also joined the system since 2019.

"Tracking" function allows the users to track the international transfers of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs at all stages, to monitor the implementation process step by step and this ensures complete safety, efficiency and transparency of transfers. Customers no longer need to spend extra money, time and contact bank branches to obtain information about the transfers’ status.

"Tracking" function is free of charge.

You can read the instructions for use here.

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