Export support loan

Corporate loans

The International Bank of Azerbaijan provides short-term and long-term business loans for its clients to establish their projects.

Export support loan

The International Bank of Azerbaijan offers the loan product “Export Support“and the tariff package “Export Support” starting from a minimum of 100 000 AZN at its own expense to support the export-oriented activities of large corporate clients in the non-oil sector. This product can be used by any entrepreneur, including new customers of the bank, who are engaged in production and export their products abroad.


10 mln. Maximum amount
1-60 Term
min. 8% Interest rate
Required Security
Available Preferential rate
0% Fee
Other required documents:
Export Promotion Document for the Persons Exporting Non-Oil Products
Other preferences:
Transfers in the amount of the loan without commission; 50% discount on documentary operations
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